Disambiguating Champions

Champions are individuals who take an idea for a new product or service and do all they can within their power to ensure the success of the innovation. By actively promoting the idea, communicating and inspiring others with their vision of the potential of the innovation, champions can help their organizations realize the potential of an innovation. But recognizing the potential of an innovation does not mean that a firm is going to adopt the innovation. In fact, recognizing the potential of an innovation may actually make the political coalitions that more determined to block is adoption since they can better see how their political power will be diminished with the innovation. This is where the champion’s power and prestige in the organization come in. He or she can use this power to fight any coalitions that may want to block the development process.

My Consultancy–Asif J. Mir – Management Consultant–transforms organizations where people have the freedom to be creative, a place that brings out the best in everybody–an open, fair place where people have a sense that what they do matters. For details please contact www.asifjmir.com, Line of Sight

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