Sticking to the basics

At a major power-tool company, drill sales weren’t up to projections, and the marketing director had brought in consultants and managers from marketing, engineering, manufacturing, and sales if they could figure out why. Frustrated that the session wasn’t getting anywhere, asked: “Why do you think people buy our drills?”


One consultant said it was the price. Others mentioned the company’s reputation for quality and service, the packaging and advertising, the easy availability and good warranty—all good answers.


“Hold on! Wait a minute!” the marketing director interrupted. “I’m beginning to see the cause of our problem. We have forgotten what business we are in. the real reason people buy our drills is because they want to make a hole! I think we’ve gotten too fancy. We’ve got to stick to the basics and sell them a tool that makes holes.”


When marketing started emphasizing how well the product drilled holes, sales increased 15 percent over a six-month period.


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