BPR Combines Several Jobs

The most basic and common feature of reengineered processes is the absence of an assembly line; that is, many formerely distinct jobs or tasks are integrated and composed into one. The payoffs of integrated processes, case workers, and case teams can be enormous. Eliminating handoffs means doing away with the errors, delays, and rework that they engender. Typically, a case worker-based process operates ten times faster than the assembly line version that it replaces. Moreover, because the new process generates fewer errors and misunderstandings, the company doesn’t need additional people to find and fix them.


Integrated processes also have reduced process administration overheads. Because employees involved in the process assume responsibility for making sure that customer’s requirements are met on time and with no defects, they need less supervision. Instead, the company encourages these empowered employees to find innovative and creative ways to reduce cycle time and cost continually while producing a defect-free product or service. Improved control is another benefit of integrated processes; because they involve fewer people, assigning responsibility for them and monitoring performance is easier.


My Consultancy–Asif J. Mir – Management Consultant–transforms organizations where people have the freedom to be creative, a place that brings out the best in everybody–an open, fair place where people have a sense that what they do matters. For details please contact www.asifjmir.com, Line of Sight

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