Social Butterflies as Connectors

Connectors are people who have a large number of social connections. They are individuals in the organization who seem to know everyone. In management jargon, they are well-networked individuals who have contacts with people from a variety of backgrounds.

 Connectors are pretty unique individuals. Not everyone is a connector. Connectors have a large number of acquaintences, not necessarily their close friends. These are what are known as ‘weak ties’—friendly yet casual social connections. In an organization, connectors wield enormous influence and clout because of their contacts—both within and outside it. This is what makes connectors crucial in change management. If connectors become convinced about the change effort and are enthusiastic about it, they will pass on their enthusiasm to all their contacts, thus spreading the message of change very effectively. Therefore, an organization needs to identify its connectors first, and enlist their support for change.

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