Key Organizational Processes

A process is a specific group of activities that is of value. Business process design involves the identification and sequencing of work activities, tasks, resources, decisions, and responsibilities across time and place, with a beginning and an end, along with clearly identified inputs and outputs. Processes must be able to be tracked as well, using cost, time, output quality, and satisfaction measurements. Businesses need to monitor, review, alter, and streamline processes continually in order to remain competitive. A process view of the organization differs from the traditional functional view.

Processes are not simply obscure, back-room operations of the service concern, but instead are an integral part of delivering the value proposition. We maintain that processes and service are inseparable; that is, the process is the service. An effective process is results driven, deriving its form from customer requirements—how and when customers want to do business with you. Market-oriented companies ensure that the service encounter is positive by asking, “How can we make our customers’ lives easier?”Managers must first take a “big picture” view of their company by looking at key processes in relationship to the marketing cycle.

Various market constituents such as customers, suppliers, and publics determine the how and the extent to which marketing cycle elements are performed. Customers in particular determine the competition and nature of the marketing cycle and the subsequent core processes that are required to support these selected marketing cycle functions. For example, the customer service process is performed as part of the service management function of the marketing cycle. Customer service activities would include, but are not limited to, such activities as tracking and trending customer complaints, recovery from customer service failures, and establishing customer service standards. The process indicators represent the “metrics” for measuring the core processes. One of the process indicators for the customer service process is guaging customer satisfaction levels.

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