Sit in Judgment for an Alternative Role

There are some people for whom nothing works. You trip every trigger imaginable. You train. You find partners. You teach spell check, and cut through office walls. But nothing works.

 Faced with this situation, you have little choice. You have to find the employee an alternative role. You have to move him out. Sometimes the only way to cure a bad relationship is to get out of it. Similarly, sometimes the only way to cure poor performance is to get the performer out of that role.

 How do you know if you are at that point? You will never know for sure. But the best managers offer this advice.

 You will have to manage around the weaknesses of each and every employee. But if, with one particular employee, you find yourself spending most of your time managing around weaknesses, then know that you have made a casting error. At this point it is time to fix the casting error and to stop trying to fix the person.

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