Causes of New Product Failure

Many new products with satisfactory potential have failed to make the grade. Many of the reasons for new product failure relate to execution and control problems. The following is a brief list of some important causes of new product failures after they have been carefully screened, developed and marketed.

  1. No competitive point of differene, unexpected reactions from competitors, or both.
  2. Poor positioning.
  3. Poor quality of product.
  4. Nondelivery of promised benefits of product.
  5. Too little marketing support.
  6. Poor perceived prices/quality (value) relationship.
  7. Faulty estimates of market potential and other marketing research mistakes.
  8. Faulty estimates of production and marketing costs.
  9. Improper channels of distribution selected.
  10. Rapid change in the market (economy) after the product was introduced.

 Some of these problems are beyond the control of management; but it is clear that successful new product planning requires large amounts of reliable information in diverse areas. Each department assigned functional responsibility for product development automatically becomes an input to the information system needed by the new product decision maker. For example, when a firm is developing a new product, it is wise for both engineers and marketers to consider both the kind of market to be entered (e.g., consumer, organizational, international) and specific target segments. These decisions will be of paramount influence on the design and cost of the finished good, which will, of course, directly influence, price, sales, and profits.

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    Dec 20, 2011 @ 11:15:20

    I personaly appriciated God for the gift of understanding that were giving to these great men, in the sence of making the younger one’s coming behind to have another alternative opportunity to enhance they knowledge in the aspect of marketing field .


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    I like business Administration Managnment, what about u?


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    May 30, 2012 @ 13:24:33

    Never give up but continue and you will succeed.


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