Decision Analysis

Every decision we make requires us to think in terms of objectives, alternatives, and potential risks. That choice may involve a thousand criteria plus the inputs and deliberations of a hundred or more people. Or it may involve only five criteria and ten minutes of deliberation by one person. The dimensions are immeterial because the basic process is always the same. And the final judgment is always: “This is what ought to be done.”

The decision situations fall into five categories:

  • The complex decision that requires examination of a large amount of information, and involves the judgments of many people.
  • The “Yes/No” decision that involves only two alternatives: to take or reject a course of action; to do something in a different way or continue as before.
  • The decision as to whether a single proposed course of action is sound enough to be implemented.
  • The decision in which an original alternative must be developed by the decision-maker or team.
  • The routine decision: hiring, purchase of equipment or services, development of personnel policies, and other everyday decisions.

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