Public Policy

Public policy is a plan of action undertaken by government officials to achieve some broad purpose affecting a substantial segment of a nation’s citizens. It is also is what a government chooses to do or not to do. Governments generally do not choose to act unless a substantial segment of the public is affected and some public purpose is to be achieved. This is the essence of the concepts of governments acting in the public interest.

The role of government is extensive in most modern economies. Although there are vigorous debates about the size and specific actions of government, there is broad agreement that government has some appropriate role to play in modern life. As the world’s population increases, individual nations have more citizens whose needs have to be met and whose interests and concerns have to be reconciled into reasonable plans of action. These are the rules that government, whatever its specific form, plays in the modern world. Public policy, while differing in each nation, is the basic set of goals, plans, and actions that each national government follows in achieving its purpose.

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