Controlling is the process of evaluating and correcting activities to keep the organization on course. Control involves five activities:1) measuring performance, 2) comparing present performance with standards or objectives, 3) identifying deviations from the standards, 4) investigating the cause of deviations, and 5) taking corrective action when necessary.

Controlling and planning are closely linked. Planning establishes goals and standards for performance. By monitoring performance and comparing it with standards, managers can determine whether performance is on target. When performance is substandard, management must determine why and take appropriate actions to get the firm back on course. The control function helps managers assess the success of their plans. When plans have not been successful, the control process facilitates revision of the plans.

The control process also helps managers deal with problems arising outside the firm. If the firm is the subject of negative publicity, for example, management should use the control process to determine why and to guide the firm’s response.

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