Being Accessible to Employees

One of your primary management responsibilities is to make yourself available to employees to answer their questions and address their concerns. When the press of daily activities tends to makes you unavailable:

  • Update your calendar regularly. Give your staff access to your calendar so they can arrange a time to meet with you.
  • Coordinate your schedule with your secretary and set up times when you will check in at the office, either by phone or in person. Let your staff know that your secretary has this information.
  • Set up regular meetings to answer employees’ questions and to get the information that will keep you abreast of their work.
  • Take time to contact employees periodically, particularly those you do not see daily. These need not be formal meetings. Taking time to talk with people, even informally, conveys a nonverbal message of support. Also, your employees will be less likely to view you as an “absentee manager.”

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