Building knowledge base in advertisements

On what knowledge base should advertisements be built? To answer this question, consider the function that advertisement might be expected to perform. In commercial matters, business operators can be seen as essentially self-appointed employees of consumers. They strive to provide products and services that will meet specific needs or wants of consumers and thus contribute to the maximization of consumer satisfaction. The key to success is the ability to sense or determine what consumers need and want and then to effectively inform and persuade consumers concerning the merits of such products and services. Business failure results when consumers dismiss or fire those self-appointed employees by refusing to buy products or services that do not meet needs or wants.

Often business firms are prone to think in terms of the physical characteristics of products rather than focusing attention on how the product will bring satisfaction to potential buyers. Consumers may not understand the language of the producer any more than the latter may not sense the forces that motivate consumers to seek products.

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