Devoting some thoughts to Attitude

Many managers say they select for attitude—a positive attitude, a team-focused attitude, a service-oriented attitude. They are right to do so, because a person’s prevailing attitudes are a part of his/her mental filter. They are created by the interplay of his/her unique pattern of highways and wastelands. His/her attitudes are talents.

He or she may be cynical or trusting. He or she may be an optimist or a malcontent. He or she may be experimental or conservative. None of these attitudes are necessarily better than any of the others. None of them will prevent a person from playing certain roles extremely well—for example the malcontent might be a powerful entrepreneur, driven by his/her dissatisfaction with the status quo. The cynic might fit right into a role in law, policing or investigative reporting, anywhere a healthy mistrust is a prerequisite.

But all of these attitudes from part of the person’s recurring patterns of thought, feeling or behavior. Managers may be able to change someone’s mood from one day to the next. However, managers will always struggle to change that person’s prevailing attitudes.

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