Fit for Purpose

In the context of organizations, being good or moral is not always the most profitable way forward. Organizations can succeed by short-circuiting the road to morally attuned relationship effectiveness.

People may never get a second chance to make a first impression, but this is not the case for organizations. Organizations can reinvent themselves repeatedly in a way that people can’t legally get away with.

People are for life, organizations are for as long as need be. Organizations that over-engineer their working culture fail just as fast and just as surely as those that cut too many corners. Organizations can only afford to be fit for the purpose they are designed for—no better no worse. Choosing the right working culture is therefore the big issue for organizations.

But when it comes to being focused, the picture is slightly different. While there isn’t an automatic choice in terms of working culture, there is a natural choice when it comes to focus – being more focused reduces waste and increases profit.

If developing the right working culture is the big issue for organizations, being tightly focused is the big task.

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