Job Restructuring

Job restructuring comprises an important group of work organization methods which aim at increasing both productivity and job satisfaction. Increased job satisfaction itself can also result in higher productivity and better motivation. Many managers and workers feel that job restructuring , covering job enrichment and job enlargement, is a promising strategy for improved job satisfaction.

Job restructuring can build up the content of jobs, so as to enhance skills, interest, initiative and range of responsibility while reducing frustration and monotony. Job enrichment and job enlargement are concerned with job and work changes through modification of the workers’ tasks. Restructuring, the addition of further similar tasks, is often referred to as job enlargement and can be viewed as horizontal change. One variation of job enlargement is job rotation. Workers are “rotated” between various fragmented activities with some degree of choice. Vertical change involves increased individual involvement through the addition of different tasks and duties; such changes are generally referred to as job enrichment.

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