Managing the Sales Process

Sales management, most sales managers would agree, is part art and part science. The art of sales management consists of insight into human nature and motivation and sensitivity to the needs of your salespeople, knowing when to cajole, when to praise, when to push, and when to back off.

 There is a great deal however that canm be said about the scientific or the technical aspects of sales management. In particular, there are some important points that need to be made about how sales force automation technology provides important tools for sales managers to control these aspects. In fact, for most sales managers, this could very well be most important.

 A primary determining factor for success in sales is the activity level of salespeople. In other words, sales is a numbers game. Of course, it is true that in any sales force there will be varying skill levels, and there will always by some salespeople who are better than others.but when we say that one salesperson is better than other, what we are really saying is that that individual’s percentages are better, that his or her close ratio is better, that his or her average sale is larger. There is no salesperson who is so terrible that he or she cannot sell anything; there is no salesperson who is so good that he or sher does not strike out periodically. It is all a questio of numbers.

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