Marketing Planning

Some of the most successful businesses exist today because many years ago they offered the right product at the right time to a rapidly growing market. The same can also be said for NPOs and NGOs. Many of the critical decisions of the past were made without the benefit of strategic thinking, Whether these decisions were based on wisdom or were just luck is not important; they worked for these organizations. Those companies which were dominating their markets, controlled vast resources, and had the best trained workers a few decades ago, can today be found in the graveyard of memories. they all made critical mistakes. their management failed to recognize that business strategies need to reflect changing environments and emphasis must be placed on developing business systems that allow for continuous improvement. Instead they attempted to carry out business as usual.

The management must recognize that wisdom and innovation alone are no longer sufficient to guide the destinies of organizations. They must also realize that the true mission of the organization is to provide value for customers, employees, and investors. Without this there will be no profit in the long run.

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