Project Manager

Project manager is to meeting schedules what the innovation champion is to communicating his or her vision of the potential of the innovation to others. She or he is the “one-stop shop” for decision making, questions, and information on the project. An important question is, how much authority should a project manager have? Should he or she just collect information on the progress of the project and give it to those who want it, or should she or he have some decision-making authority?Product managers are classified as heavyweight or lightweight, based on manager’s span of control. A heavyweight product manager is one with extensive authority and responsibility for the product from concept creation through design to manufacturing. The lightweight product manager’s authority and responsibilities are not as extensive, being limited only to engineering functions, with no authority or responsibility over concept creation and other market related aspects of the product.

The use of heavyweight  product managers help reduce lead times, total engineering hours (and therefore cost, all else being equal), and improved design quality.

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