Purchasing Information

Basic data that should be systematically collected include:

  • Purchase item number and description
  • Quantity required
  • Date item required
  • Date purchase requisition received or authorized
  • Purchase requisition or authorization number
  • Supplier(s) quoted
  • Date supplier(s) quoted
  • Date quotes required from supplier(s)
  • Supplier quote(s)
  • Supplier price discount schedule
  • Purchase order number
  • Date purchase order placed
  • Purchase price per unit
  • Quantity or percent of annual requirements purchased
  • Planned purchase price per unit
  • Supplier name
  • Supplier address
  • Supplier promise ship date
  • Supplier lead time (days or weeks for purchase item)
  • Date purchase item received
  • Quantity received
  • Purchase item accepted or rejected (unit/lot)
  • Storage location
  • Buyer
  • Work unit
  • Requested price change
  • Effective date of requested price change
  • Date price change approved
  • Ship to location

These basic transaction data are needed for purchasing decisions and management control systems, especially if these are computerized.

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