The Spectrum of Success

Does success means the same to every organization?

Are all working cultures equal or are some more equal than others?

Is it time for organizations to start making life choices, as people do?

To answer these questions we need to understand exactly what success means to different organizations and what effect an organization’s situation has on its attitude to success.

This is more about the spirit of theory than the exact science of it. It is not meant to baffle but simply illustrate some key facts of organizational life. The theory is built around two principles:

  • Required organizational performance – designed to help to illustrate the level of performance that an organization will be required to deliver in order to successfully achieve its stated goals, in any given market, at any given time; and
  • Actual organizational performance – designed to help to illustrate how effective and tightly focused an organization must be to ensure that it closely matches the performance required to achieve stated goals, with the minimum of waste and unnecessary effort.

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