Polishing Creativity

We can develop three scales to measure managerial attitude related to creativity. The first scale is labeled Valuing New Ideas, and includes items such as “Generating new ideas expands the mind.” “We need more people who are creative in business.” “New ideas create more new ideas.” “We’ll get left behind unless we spend some time on new ideas.” And “Management should be more creative.”

The second scale is labeled Belief that Creativity is only for the select few, and includes items like, “Creative people become stand-up comedians.” “Creative people wear unique glasses.” And “Creative people are always looking for another rule to break.” The higher the score on this scale, the less favorable the attitudes towards creativity.

The third scale is labeled Feeling too busy for new ideas, again a scale measuring a negative attitude to creativity. It includes such items as, “Ideas take too much time to generate.” “I don’t have much time for thinking up wild ideas, I’m too busy just getting my job done.”

Creativity training clearly alters managerial attitudes and makes them more creativity friendly.

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