Having a nodding acquaintance with the Concept of Zero Defect

In the late 20th century, the zero defect concept has gained momentum in many developed countries. This has made people to go in for prevention techniques rather than the corrective techniques which were in conventional use. Attaining zero defect is not a one time affair. This is a slow process requiring continuous improvement. Sustained efforts may result in zero defect in the long run.  It should be understood that six sigma concept is also related to this.


The methodology is a continuous improvement process, at every stage attaining an improvement over the previous one. Initially the current status of the process and the desired future status of the process are to be clearly defined. The difference between these two indicates the quality improvement that has to be brought to the process under consideration. Once this exercise is over the next step of quality improvement has to be planned. Now the final quality status attained in the first exercise becomes the current status. A new desired future status is fixed. As before the difference between these two will become the new quality improvement which has to be introduced in the process. Steps have to be taken to effectuate this incremental quality. This exercise is again continued. Every time the exercise is carried out, it can be noticed that the incremental quality improvement to be introduced is reducing. After a prolonged exercise, this gap will become minute and one can hope to achieve the zero defect at the end.


How much is the incremental quality improvement that can be achieved and how soon the zero defect status will be reached, are dependent on how creative the ideas are. Highly creative ideas can help in reaching the zero defect status fast.


Different techniques, such as “mistake proofing” can also be used for zero defect concept. In this method, prevention is considered to be the prime factor and at every stage it is essential that the preventive measures are incorporated to avoid defects at any stage.


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