21st Century Company

  • Does your company have a compelling reason for existing?
  • What would the world lose if it ceased to exist tomorrow?
  • Does your company have clear and agreed vision, goals and values?
  • Who within the company has thought through what the vision and these goals and values mean for its relationships with people, whether as customers, suppliers or business partners?
  • Is there an overview of what the company is trying to achieve in terms of various objectives?
  • Are all the objectives expressed in terms of measurable outputs?
  • To what extent are you and management colleagues frustrated with what has been achieved in the area of corporate transformation?
  • What are the symptoms of non-achievement?
  • Is there a process in place within your company to root out the underlying causes of gaps between aspirations and achievement?
  • Is the complex nature, and full extent, of the corporate transformation challenge fully appreciated?
  • Has thought been given to whether particular change elements are missing from the transformation jigsaw puzzle?
  • How genuine is the desire to change in each functional component and business element of your organization?
  • Is there an agreed vision of a more flexible and responsive end point organization?
  • To what extent have the changes which have been introduced into your company to date influenced attitudes, values and behavior?
  • Have relevant roles and responsibilities been allocated, and the required resources been lined up;
  • Are people equipped, empowered and motivated to do what is expected of them?

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