Information and Knowledge-based products

As the know how proportion of goods and services continues to rise, the economy is increasingly knowledge-based. Consider the opportunities open to you to make money by packaging and selling information and knowledge. Entrepreneurs need to understand how to access, share, work with and exploit information. Its use should result in the development and application of knowledge and understanding that creates intellectual capital and value for customers.

So much information is available in a variety of formats that busy people are overloaded. Much of it is dated and not relevant to contemporary priorities and concerns. There are therefore unprecedented opportunities to help people cope with the flow. Information needs to be sifted, screened and sorted — to be presented in ways that make it easier to absorb and understand. Increasingly, people demand tailored selections of information relevant to particular requirements, issues and decisions.

Emerging technologies represent additional channels of communication that can be very effective at reaching tightly defined target groups whose members are widely scattered. Enterprising individuals have already successfully launched many information and knowledge-based services.

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