Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)

“It is always better to be prepared and prevent rather than to repair and repent.” This is a quotation which emphasizes preventive techniques.

World is ever changing. People went better from good and best from better. Industry people have also begun to think of different approaches to satisfy the customer. They have now come to the stage of finding out the methods to prevent a problem rather than ‘finding out a solution to a problem’ and finding out methods to eliminate waste from monitoring of waste.

Failure mode and effect analysis is one of the tools of total quality management which helps in finding out the possible failure modes of a design, product, process or service and setting up ways to prevent their occurrence.

FMEA is a proactive tool which is used to foresee the probable failures that can occur at a later stage. This forces one to analyze critically each and every process with the sole aim of identifying problems that may emerge.

  • A failure mode and effect analysis is an engineering technique used to define, identify and eliminate known and/or potential failures, problems, errors and so on from the system, design, process and/or service before they reach the customer.
  • The FMEA will identify corrective actions required to prevent failures from reaching the customer, thereby assuring the highest durability, quality and reliability possible in a product or service.

FMEA involves:

  • Identifying known and potential failure mode;
  • Identifying cause and effect of each failure mode;
  • Prioritizing the failure mode according to Risk Priority Number;
  • Finding out preventive action for failure mode.

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