CEOs—Worth Weight in Gold

Many years ago, Sultans were paid their weight in gold, thus beginning a traditional saying about individuals being worth their weight in gold. This statement is intended to be a positive assessment and most of us would greatly value being paid our weight in gold. However, would most CEOs also value that opportunity?


Stockholders and boards of directors have been trying to motivate CEOs to act in the owners’ best interests by increasing the value of the company which in turn increases shareholders’ wealth. Thus, executive compensation is a tool of corporate governance.


Corporate governance is increasingly important as part of the strategic management process. If the board makes the wrong decision in compensating the firm’s strategic leader, the CEO, the whole firm suffers, as do its shareholders. Compensation is used to motivate CEOs to act in the best interests of the firm—in particular, the shareholders. When they do so, the firm’s value should increase. Of course, some question what a CEO’s actions are worth. They are worth a significant weight (especially in the US) considerably more than the CEO’s weight in the gold.


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