Bocoming Process-centered

Your organization is probably divided into separate departments, such as R&D, sales, IT, and accounts. These departments don’t work independently, but should all cooperate to achieve the organization’s goals. To help with this, many organizations have become process centered.

A process centered organization removes the process of satisfying customer demand. Process centering, more than anything else, means that the people in the company recognize and focus on their processes. When an order comes to a traditional organization, everyone does their separate part of the process and seems to work in isolation — sales collect orders, manufacturing makes goods, warehousing adjusts the stocks, transport delivers the goods, accounting sends out the invoices. The problem is that no one looks after the whole process, integrates different operations, or eveb makes sure that customers actually get their products.

In a process centered organization, everyone has the overriding purpose of contributing to a process that leads to satisfied customers.

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