Change or Change Management?

Our ability to deal with mega theme dramatic change is the subject of the next trend. Perhaps the single most important indicator for corporate success in the near future is the attitude of the company culture about change. The willingness of a structure to set itself up for change, to regard itself as a testing ground with daily battles, not just those that occur every planning period, is one of the best litmus paper indicators of eventual success or failure.

Today’s information explosion is just beginning. The growing list of mergers, alliances and joint ventures and the rapid deployment of technology are producing change at a velocity that even the seasoned players in businesses can’t surmise. The challenge for businesses will not be in how we manufacture or market change but how we manage it.

The days of the large-scale, vertically integrated corporation are numbered. The trend is toward smaller enterprises with increasing specialization of products are services: the upcoming approach is 50 people are the maximum for the company; if the staff gets above 50 people the company will be cut in two. There is no place to hide in a firm of 50 people. These small companies know what’s happening in their marketplace and with their competitors—they’re not from the marketplace.

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