Clear Vision and Strategy

Vision can inspire, but it can also result in disillusionment if it is incomplete or incapable of achievement. Like an idea, it may have little value outside of an organization with the capability to give it a tangible reality.

Many attempts to formulate and implement visions and missions have been naïve and in some cases destructive. A wide gulf has emerged between rhetoric and reality, and between aspiration and achievement. Instead of inspiration and motivation, there is disillusionment and distrust. The agreement of vision is often perceived as the ‘input’, rather than as an initial step on what may prove to be a long process of implementation.

Progress is made in providing distinctive purposes and offerings, and the longer term and sometimes hidden consequences of the short-term reactions of corporate boards to economic pressures. It emphasizes that changing attitudes and perspective generally takes longer than is first thought.

The lack of top management commitment and of communication skills are major barriers to change. To share a compelling vision requires new attitudes and approaches to communication.

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