Pertinent topics for training

I suggest three new topics for your training programs, vis-à-vis, Leadership, Creativity and Innovation in Decsion-making, and Future Trends. They are important for Change.


Development of leadership skills can enable target audience to challenge the process, inspire a shared vision, enable others to act, model the way and walk the way. This can be achieved by developing skills for regulating the information flow, direction setting, motivation and decision-making.


Development of creative thinking skills will enable managers to initiate a creative process focusing on the mechanisms and phases involved if they partake in a creative act. Such skills will allow them to look at problems as opportunities and not as threats.


Last but not the least, knowledge about future will allow managers to know about the environment in certain area in the forseeable future. This will help them in planning and public policy.


Without developing leadership skills, and enlightening the trainees about using mind tools for creative decesion-making and the ability to read future, no change can be possible. Those civilizations, societies and organizations,and even individuals face extinction if they fail to cope up with change, innovation and transition with time. This is the law of nature.


Include new topics—Leadership, Creativity and Innovation, and Future Trends—in all your training programs.


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