The Blind Leading the Blind

Although many consultancies have a public commitment to learning from, and sharing, best practice, this has not stopped some of them, and those who use their services, from jumping at techniques such as re-engineering as if they represent a revelation. This is as if we are into begging, stealing and borrowing like there is no tomorrow.

Mindless copying can result in the spread of panaceas, hype  and misunderstanding, and gives added momentum to the latest craze. While it may be good news for those who ride bandwagon, it is not so hot for those whose toes get in the way.

When external suppliers, such as consultants, do get hold of  a best practice gem, their motivation is often to spread it around their client base as soon as possible. Thus the corporation’s competitive edge can quickly become industry commonplace

Some consultants receive as good as they give. Companies invite various experts to pitch for business and then do it themselves, using the best of the various ideas they have picked up. The learning organization is a voracious and insatiable plunderer and consumer of intellectual capital.

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