Design Jobs

Job design looks for the best way of doing any particular task. It describes the details of the work to be done, the skills and equipment needed, supervision, interactions with other questions, environment and so on. From the organization’s point of view, the aim of the job design is to make employees productive and efficient. But employees have their own social and psychological needs, and they want to interact with other people, be recognized, appreciated and properly rewarded. So the real aim of job design is to meet the performance goals of the organization, while making the job safe, satisfying and rewarding for the individual. There are elements of job design:

a)      The physical environment is the place where the job is done, its layout, the tools used, equipment available, lighting, temperature, noise, safety features and so on.

b)      The social environment,  which affects the psychological well-being of the people working. A good social environment gives a higher quality of working life, and leads to higher motivation and better performance.

c)      Work methods, which describe the details of how a job is done. Work methods usually break the job into a series of small tasks and analyses each of these. In particular, they ask questions like ‘Why is this task done?’ ‘Could it be done automatically?’ ‘How could the layout of the workplace be improved?’ ‘Would different tools help?’

 When a company (L&M Industries) involved in window frame making, looked at their process, they counted 162 separate steps. Of these, 39 involved walking to fetch materials and tools, and another 18 involved waiting for something to happen. By redesigning the jobs, L&M reduced the amount of movement by 85 percent and cut the time needed to make each frame by 58 percent.

 Such improvements need someone to recognize that changes are needed and then do the planning. This can take time. You have to design jobs properly, so that they satisfy the needs of both the organization and the employee.

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