Increasing your Sociability

The ability to meet new people and feel comfortable on social situations can be important to. If you have difficulty in social situations, you may want to deverlop your social skills. The following suggestions can help:

  • Over the next month, set goals to take the initiative in forming social contacts, particularly in informal settings. For example, you might set goals related to speaking up more often, attending more social events, or meeting new people at these functions. Make an effort to become more involved.
  • Broaden your circle of acquaintainces. Introduce yourself to people you have wanted to meet but were too busy or too shy to talk to. Consider setting a goal to become acquainted with a certain number of people per week.
  • Learn more about each of your acquaintances’ onterests. This is especially helpful if you have difficulty thinking of things to talk about: other people’s interests often provide excellent opportunities for small talk.

 Don’t expect to become comfortable in social situations immediately; changes like this don’t happen overnight. As time passes, however, you will find that you are beginning to enjoy social situations more and that they have become less threatening.


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