Key Objectives of Logestics Strategy

  1. To optimize customer Service

The logistics system will provide products and information to customers in a way that equals or exceeds the stated requirements of each individual customer.

  1. To minimize the cost of supply chain operations

The logistics system will be structured and operated with a view to minimizing:

  • The fixed assets employed in supply chain activities;
  • The operating costs of the chain;
  • The inventory held within the chain.

Cost minimization will, however, be set within the context of achieving specified customer service targets.

  1. To maximize the flexibility of supply chain

The logistics system will be designed to permit Tallent Engineering to respond with maximum flexibility to:

  • Customers’ short-term operational fluctuations in demand;
  • Longer-term strategic changes in demand either from existing customers (e.g. new models) or the wider market place (e.g., new customers/new product groups).

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